An international lifelong yogi and former competitive gymnast joined forces with an Olympic strength and conditioning coach to create a unique yoga portfolio. Anna and Rich offer complimentary voices – yin and yang. Ancient yogic practices and philosophy seamlessly presented alongside scientifically evidenced resources prepare you to shine your brightest, be your most creative, handle challenges with ease – on and off the mat.

“Our combined twenty-five years of experience includes coaching elite athletes at three Olympic Games, leading twenty yoga teacher trainings, and extensive practice and teaching of breath work, meditation and yoga. Nurturing clarity and connection within high stress environments is at the heart of our work and our own navigation through life’s beautiful challenges.”

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Bespoke couples’ retreat

October 10-13, 2024
Bespoke couples' retreats, with Anna Sugarman and Richard Husseiny using massage, aromatherapy and breathwork. Optional Wim Hoff ice bath immersion instruction and sound baths with Siobhan Swider. Realign and find a common purpose with your partner.
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Yoga Retreats

Set amidst the beautiful parkland of the Woodhill estate, our retreats offer a range of yoga practices to both energise and restore. The outdoor amphitheatre, with its sweeping views over the historic parkland, provides an inspiring backdrop to practise.
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